Where East Meets West

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    Erik P. Doye


    Erik is the founder of American Books & Carpets. He is a 24 year military pilot, Naval Officer and veteran of the Iraqi war. He is a graduate of the College of William & Mary,

    Class of ’97, where he played baseball. Fly Navy!

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    John F. Biagas

    Mentor & Lifelong Friend

    John is a successful business owner, a native of Lake Charles, Louisiana, and the youngest of 14 children. His drive, leadership, example and vision have been inspirational. Thank YOU John for leading by example for me!

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Asim Adil Shah


    Following in his father's footsteps, Asim has been looming and selling handmade carpets for over 30 years. I could not do it without his patience, focus and belief in my vision. Thanks Asim!

  • Who We Are

    A Veteran Owned Small Business 

    Our initial roots stem as a traditional handmade carpet company providing military customers fair market value masterpiece carpets. Until Lydia, a Naval Academy graduate, had the brilliant idea to commission a custom made, hand loomed carpet with said Academy’s logo, American Books & Carpets was born. After the positive response the sample carpets received from Naval personnel during our traditional rug flops, we decided to expand the vision.


    Books & Carpets 

    Erik’s first flying tour in the US Navy 20 years ago took him to the Middle East, where he discovered his passion for handmade carpets and established a lifelong friendship with a family of renowned carpet dealers. After nearly 18 years in the cockpit for the Navy - Erik's Mentor, John Biagas (pictured below) inspired him to follow his entrepreneurial spirit and pursue his passion of "flying carpets"! These two lifelong "wingmen" hope this business venture will serve as a platform to educate children as well as help bridge the divide between two great cultures.


    Family Heirlooms

    Authentic handmade carpets are much more than a floor rug. Each carpet is a unique piece of art and pride. When cared for, they will last a lifetime and in many cases will pass down from generation to generation.


    Giving Back 

    American Books & Carpets aims to contribute to a charitable cause with every company sale. We have done extensive charity work with product donations to benefit auctions & hosting fundraisers for non-profits.