United States Naval Academy - Midshipmen
25.00 - 299.00
Midshipmen are persons of integrity. They learn the strongest form of HONOR, COURAGE and COMMITMENT in Annapolis; then pay it forward with dedicated service to our country!

The USNA is our prototype behind the ABC vision (thank you to my wife, Lydia, class of '98.) The Midshipmen are strong as seen in my amazing wife & beautiful Navy Blue and Gold masterpiece. Go Navy, beat Army!
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2' x 3' blue-N*-gold
3' x 3' round blue-N*-gold
2.5' x 4' blue-N*-gold
1' x 1' N* Mats
2' x 3' Flag N*
2.5' x 4' Flag N*
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One of the oldest and most challenging art forms - a VOSB now brings you a very unique high end gift item for generations to endure.  Each Carpet is Hand Knotted & Hand Loomed by a process that takes 6-8 weeks per carpet.  There is approximately 250 kpsi.  Each is created with Natural Vegetable dye.