North Carolina State University Wolfpack
179.00 - 299.00
This amazing piece was made as a sample.

NC State was founded by progressive and innovative thinkers in 1887; their belief was colleges should not be reserved for a select few and the children of farmers, mechanics and other workers should have access to the opportunities and benefits of higher education.

The essence of our carpet embodies this same progressive innovation and its colors are as rich the university's school pride... To my fellow Naval Aviator Admiral S - Thank you for believing in our VOSB - Go Wolfpack!
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3' x 3 NC State round, red and white
2' x 3' NC State standard, red and white
3' x 3' NC State square, red and white
2.5' x 4' NC State standard, red and whi
3' x 3' NC State Square, red and white
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One of the oldest and most challenging art forms - a VOSB now brings you a very unique high end gift item for generations to endure.  Each Carpet is Hand Knotted & Hand Loomed by a process that takes 6-8 weeks per carpet.  There is approximately 250 kpsi.  Each is created with Natural Vegetable dye.