Virginia Military Institute Keydets
179.00 - 299.00
The Virginia Military Institute has been called "the West Point of the South." Founded in 1839, it is the nation’s first state-supported military college. Proud of their time-honored mission to produce educated, honorable men and women who will serve the nation and their communities as leaders in their personal and professional lives.

To my business partner & friend, Tim Hyatt - VMI Football '79- these beautiful carpets were created with "wisdom and courage" for you and your fellow Keydets!
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3' x 3' -- VMI round, black b.g.
3' x 3' -- VMI round, Red bg, White/Y
2' x 3' -- VMI silk standard, Red bg
2.5' x 4' -- VMI silk standard, Red bg
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One of the oldest and most challenging art forms - a VOSB now brings you a very unique high end gift item for generations to endure.  Each Carpet is Hand Knotted & Hand Loomed by a process that takes 6-8 weeks per carpet.  There is approximately 250 kpsi.  Each is created with Natural Vegetable dye.