Chicago Cubs
179.00 - 269.00
Read this top to bottom & add this carpet to the cart: This amazing piece was made as a sample.

My favorite carpet for my favorite team - Click the pictures to see the three versions loomed for the defending World Champs! Theo Epstein was mailed one free of charge last year with a hand written note about our VOSB (still waiting response.. ha!) Our two samples have recently been donated the USO and Vets serving around the world.

Go Cubs - looking forward 2019!!
C.A.M. - I.L.Y. I know you hear me now - thanks for proving it - I am coming to you - we need to talk..
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Chicago Cubs 2' x 3'
Silk Cubbie Bear 3' x 3' Round
Chicago Cubs 3' x 3' Round
Wool Cubbie Bear 3' x 3' Round
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One of the oldest and most challenging art forms - a VOSB now brings you a very unique high end gift item for generations to endure.  Each Carpet is Hand Knotted & Hand Loomed by a process that takes 6-8 weeks per carpet.  There is approximately 250 kpsi.  Each is created with Natural Vegetable dye.